Astey's Row
A playground in Islington, London
Mobile Arboretum

The Mobile Arboretum is inspired by the collective history of the London markets. Both Aldgate and Cheapside have been or still are hubs of activity and trade in London from the medieval produce and poultry markets of Cheapside to the buzzing fabric markets of Petticoat Lane. Markets are full of brimming barrows and carts, overflowing with produce, delicate frames hung with drapes of fabric, pinstriped and patterned canopies that shelter the people of the market. Food and fabrics mingle with entertainment, music, trade and conversation of mingling communities.

The Lemonary
A winter home for lemon trees.
Moor Lane Community Garden
Moor Lane Community Garden
An architectural garden alongside the Barbican and London Wall.
Better Air Benches
As part of Better Bankside's clean air corridor through the historic streets of Bankside, located between London Bridge and Blackfriars, the Better Air Benches have been designed to alleviate and raise awareness of air quality issues.
House of Wayward Plants: Adoption Stand
A stand for House of Wayward Plants adoption events, first exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019.
Nelson Mandela Memorial Liverpool
A grassroots driven memorial in Liverpool to celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.
House of Wayward Plants: Smithfield Greenhouse
Commissioned by Culture Mile for Smithfield Rotunda Gardens, inspired by the ironwork of Smithfield Market, the Victorian plant explorers, and an eccentric craze that swept across Victorian England. Pteridomania, or ‘fern fever.'
Stella McCartney Flagship Store
Wayward designed the interior and exterior gardens for the Stella McCartney Flagship Store at 23 Old Bond Street, London.
Improbable Botany
Wayward is excited to announce our first book - a brand-new science fiction anthology about alien plant conquests, fantastical ecosystems, benevolent dictatorships and techno-utopias, with newly commissioned stories by eleven multi-award winning science fiction authors.
House of Wayward Plants
Wayward facilitates large-scale plant exchanges and adoption events for unwanted plants, and have rehomed over 20,000 plants to date. Our exchanges are an irreverant, warm and engaging vehicle to connect people through plants and their stories.
Farmopolis is a concept for an ambitious new urban farming destination – a platform for experiential production and a new model for public green space bringing together farming, food, arts and culture.
Literalley (Literally, a Library in an Alley)
Bringing together unlikely neighbours to brighten and green a shared alleyway, while supporting the local exchange of stories, ideas and books. Built through workshops with the homeless charity, Providence Row.
Urban Physic Garden
Urban Physic Garden
The Urban Physic Garden (UPG) promotes the healing power of plants and food as medicine through educational programming, participatory experiences, and design-driven green spaces. This first iteration of UPG in 2011 transformed a derelict site in London into an imaginative urban garden of medicinal plants shaped by the hospital and pharmacy.
The Queen’s Walk Windows Gardens
Commissioned by the Southbank Centre, a micro-city of allotments created from reclaimed windows spanning one of the busiest and most activated public spaces in the world.
Helsinki Plant Tram
A rollercoaster-inspired garden and urban activation across Helsinki's public tramlines for the World Design Capital 2012, commissioned by the British Council.
Union Street Urban Orchard
A pioneering project in meanwhile space, transforming a derelict site into a community orchard, commissioned by the Architecture Foundation.
An garden laboratory standing between the landscape, artistic and scientific worlds for the Metis International Garden Festival in Quebec.
Spice Exchange At Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
A cantilevered timber pavilion interlaced with thousands of spice jars for the Royal Botanic Garden Kew, housing a spice market, chai bar, exhibition and performance space.
Borough Market Hall
The new social gateway for the UK’s most celebrated food market, Borough Market Hall is a social space and market embedded within an olive orchard and hops field.
Daisy, Daisy
A ridiculously fun waterslide designed by Wayward, built by 100 kids and powered by a treadle pump system that drew water from the lake at Beam Camp, a skill-building summer camp in New Hampshire.
Grow, Grow, Grow Your Boat
An adventurous new artwork exploring fascinating maritime history of the ancient woodland of the Forest of Bere. The project includes a living sculpture – a 1:5 scale model of the HMS Victory grown from living oak trees – and a model boat pond to create a destination for the new town.
Lycée Française Charles de Gaulle de Londres
Renovation of a 2500m2 school courtyard, with multiple playgrounds and structures, to accommodate a whopping 600 children playing at one time.
A dual-sided hydroponic waterfall for the windows of the iconic department store Selfridges.
Torriano Playgrounds
Two playgrounds: the rugged, wild Earth Kingdom and the floating, bouncy Cloud Kingdom, designed as part of the Camden Active Spaces programme, a commission in partnership with the NHS to create challenging, innovative structures within schools that inspire young people and their families to become more active and healthy.
Carlton Playground
A hilltop village school playground, as part of the Camden Active Spaces programme, a commission in partnership with the NHS to create challenging, innovative structures within schools that inspire young people and their families to become more active and healthy.
Petit Bateau Shop
An urban jungle pop-up shop designed for Petit Bateau’s first adult line for London Fashion Week 2014.
Whitechapel Gallery
A fictional moon colony with hydroponics and lunar growing experiments for the Spirit of Utopia exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London.
Google Campus
A handmade moss garden merging plants and DIY technology for the new Google Campus London.
Park Love (National Parks Now!)
A unique model for strategic partnership building, developed from romantic matchmaking methodologies, to create mutually beneficial pairings between the U.S. National Parks and a diverse range of cultural, creative and community organisations. Developed through a fellowship with the Van Alen Institute (New York) and the U.S. National Parks.

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